Saturday, April 2, 2011


I decided to take a break from reel work this weekend and do some modeling/texturing for fun. I'm going to model the Mach 5 but I've spent the past day or so making some good looking wheels just to have as an asset for future cars I might make. I started by creating the basic rim and wheel shapes, laying out UVs and modeling the tire tread. I then used XNormal to make a bump map for the tread and found this great image online while searching for tire company logos that I used to make the bump map for the side of the tire. (Apparently it came from this tutorial originally) I made a color and spec map and then brought it into maya to tune the shader. I wanted the tires to have a glossy/freshly Armor All-ed look but it doesn't show up very well in this particular lighting setup.

So here's an American rim from the Bel Air

And my WIP Mach 5 Rim.

After I was happy with the tire I modeled some basic disc brakes. The geometry is very basic so most of the work as far as detail goes it just texture.

Pretty happy with how fast I was able to get through this and the direction it's heading. I'm basing my Mach 5 off of orthos I found of a 1975 Corvette and I should have some progress up here soon!

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