Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DAY 3ish

So this is my progress so far.  I've been working on it little by little when I can find time.  The inking took WAY longer than I had initially anticipated.  I guess working at such a large format will do that (and dry up pens!).  The watercolor, on the other hand went rather quickly.  I had some problems with color...  I think the car is less white than I'd like and more baby-blue.  I think the red came out pretty well though.  Anyway this is only part of the piece.  There will be smaller panels on the right side that will feature different parts of the car and a close-up of the boy, who incidentally looks like THIS!
So adorable!


kris.w said...

this is pretty sweet man! i like it. plan on running it through Photoshop or Painter after it's all painted?

Jaysethan said...

Actually I'm sending them the actual piece when it's finished. Normally I'd scan it and crunch the levels AT LEAST but this thing is 2'x4' so scanning it will just be a pain.