Monday, November 3, 2008

Speed Racer Inspired Commission

So good news!  A wonderful couple out in Florida stumbled across my blog searching for Speed Racer images and have decided to commission a Speed Racer inspired piece  for their son's room.  
Anyway, it's day one and I've sketched out what will be my Mach 5 knock-off.  Also pictured is my trusty sketchbook and some thumbnails.  The finished piece will include the car as a centerpiece and 4 panels to the side depicting other aspects of the race and a close-up shot of the boy.
I actually took quite a few cues from a 70's Hot Wheel car called "Second Wind."  Apparently Mattel was interested in releasing a Mach 5 at the height of the Speed Racer cartoon's popularity but couldn't secure the rights.  They re-released the car in 1997 (pictured below).  The Mach 5 stylings are clear.
All in all I'm pretty happy and excited about everything so far.  More updates will be coming!

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Lauren Gallegos said...

YAY! congratulations Jay! what a fun and exciting job! I hope you get more stuff like this! Now I believe that blogs really are a useful tool. :)