Monday, December 14, 2009


And no one will ever know!

Just a little homage to those hilarious Rage Threads! So fun!

Digital Paint Day With Alex

So I turned my buddy Alex, fine artist extraordinaire, onto digital painting with Corel Painter recently, and wouldn't you know it, the man swallowed his pride and admitted it RULES! The first is a portrait of me by him and then a portrait of him by me.

Gnomon: End of Term 2, Part 3: Triple Header

AND FINALLY, here's the final I turned in for Poly 1, Texture II, and 2D Textures for 3D Art. It's the same plane design from the Surface final modeled in Polys and one of the blimp hangars in Tustin, CA. I'm really happy with how it came out! I'm really getting the hang of this stuff!

Gnomon: End of Term 2, Part 1: My homie Mahoney

Here (all out of order... thanks for the tiny compose window you can't do ANYTHING in, Blogger) are a few of the drawings I did this term at Gnomon in Production Design 1 with the infamous John Mahoney. The color one is my final.