Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sci-Fi Sketchstravaganza

Had an interview earlier this week during which I mentioned my sketchbooks full of spaceship doodles and they said they'd like to see some of them so I went through the past couple years of sketchbooks and scanned some choice cuts. I actually had a great time looking back, seeing what phases I went through and remembering what influenced me at the time. It's actually kind of funny how some of the sketches I did years ago can inspire me now. Anyway, enjoy!

These ones actually made me laugh. I was kind of amazed at how many times I redesigned the same ship over and over and over. Funny how different the first and last incarnations are.

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Paulette Emerson aka Polet Harutnian said...

well done lad, these sketches are a great addition to your 3D models. Cheers and good luck